Farming Practice

Shalimar Fresh practices an all-inclusive Integrated Farming Practice that incorporates eco-friendly agricultural methods. In addition to maintaining improved soil fertility for sustained farming, we also have long term sustainable plans in place for environmental conservation.

Not only do we have a fixed planting schedule with crop rotation intervals to allow adequate time for soil revival and differing rainfall regimes, but we also undertake intensive research and development of organic methods of pest control. We rear and introduce natural beneficiaries such as biologicals through a method known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) prior to the use of pesticides. This method explores the most economical means of environmental protection and preservation, with the added benefit of the least possible hazard to people and property. We are also currently maintaining a worm hatchery as a soil enhancer while exploring the use of biopesticide plant extracts to maintain plant integrity.

There are also wide-ranging efforts to increase efficiency and improve quality standards including trials of new cutting-edge machinery to increase throughput, reduce cost and place an emphasis on improved appearance, consumption quality and extended shelf life.

Despite the unique nature of our diversified operation and substantial workforce, we have managed to employ massive provisions for personal care. To establish the necessary infrastructure on-site we have constructed toilets, hand washing facilities, and in some areas, showers, that are available within 500 Metres from any working location on the farms. Laundries are also available to maintain hygiene.

From seed to spoon

Traceability is a very important factor in today’s fresh produce industry; we recognize and strive to provide a hundred per cent transparency from growth to transport.

Shalimar Fresh provides a comprehensive system to ensure traceability all through the growing process from seed sourcing, sowing, growing, harvesting, sorting, processing, packing, temporary storage and shipping.

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks maintains the cold chain from farm to aircraft, via consolidation at the airport warehouse. This is an invaluable control feature that allows for pre-empting quality control lapses and providing back to base reporting and feedback.