Corporate Social Initiative & Responsibilities

Shalimar Fresh’ Corporate Social Responsibility is imbibed within its practices.

We currently focus on enhancing the Company CSRs through:

Fair Trade

Working with Fair Trade to improve the social welfare of our employees, their families and the surrounding community through Fairtrade premium.

Through the Fairtrade premiums, the following projects have been undertaken to benefit both workers, their families and the surrounding community.

  • Classroom constructions and renovations – these funds have been used to renovate and build new classrooms for the schools in the surrounding areas, including the infrastructure to provide clean, running water to the school. This has created a conducive and improved learning environment for the school-going children in the area.
  • School construction – we built a school at Mwanzi Farm
  • Buying school land – premiums especially at Shalimar Farm has been used to purchase and donate land for the building of a Public Secondary School. This will be the only Secondary School in the area and will facilitate the education of many.
  • Creche and feeding programme to children
  • Bursary Fund – to support children in the community, belonging to the workers and those that are less fortunate to access both secondary and higher education. Over 1000 children have benefitted from this project since 2011.
  • Partnered with other stakeholders in the construction of a modern maternity wing at Naivasha-Sub County Hospital.
  • Water projects – provision of drinking water
  • Skill building – many workers have been able to access various courses such as driving, computer courses, plumbing and other specialised trainings through the premium program.
  • Social activities – nurturing talent by sponsoring sports clubs
  • Soft loans – to the workers, have enabled some to improve their livelihood by starting up small businesses to enhance their income. These include local vegetable vendors, tailoring, driving boda-bodas. So far, 400 employee family members have benefitted from this scheme.

Staff Welfare

Fundamental human values consist of protecting our workforce through the construction of a police post, improving living standards, availability of ATM facilities within our respective vicinities for employees, provision of water in the neighbourhoods, equal opportunities for all regardless of age, gender and background in line with the Constitution of Kenya.

Additionally, we provide free eye camps and various vaccination drives to facilitate community access to healthcare and regular check-ups for better wellbeing.


Educating farmers and staff on health and safety, environmental conservation, methodology on green waste, water harvesting and soil conservation to promote environmental protection and collective health.

Equipping staff with critical information on health and safety, HIV/AIDS awareness, and training on First-Aid, firefighting, and general hygiene.


Community Welfare

We have renovated the classrooms, facilitated the construction of a new classroom in a local Primary School.

The company has also provided clean flowing water in neighbouring schools such as Loldia Primary School.

The company has an Early Childhood Development (ECD) school which enables the workers to have their young children access ECD Education at the camp while they work. A day-care facility is also available for the very young. The Fairtrade premium committee has also supported the project through a feeding program for the children to encourage attendance and nourishment.

Transportation and Housing

Our free bus services allow our staff to travel to and from work with ease. In addition, for those that choose, they can use the bicycles we have purchased to make their commute easier and environmentally friendly!

Employees who wish to remain on the premises where housing facilities are available are accommodated. The facilities are maintained in a hygienic and sanitary manner.