Flowers are grown at Shalimar Fresh Farms under an integrated crop management system.

Cultivated at different altitudes ranging from 1650 to 2400 metres above sea level allows us to achieve different head sizes. Intermediate roses are exported under the brand of Shalimar Flowers and T-Hybrid Premium roses under Mahee Flowers.

The farms are committed to producing high-quality roses and summer flowers by using the latest production techniques, with an in-house propagation unit where high quality grafted and t-budded plants are produced. Currently, 75% of our roses are grown in hydroponic and 25% in soil with strict quality control through conscientious post-harvest management, cool chain management is followed throughout to ensure that specific requirements of all our end customers are met.

We recently started sea freighting our flowers after thorough post harvest and cool chain management methods achieving a similar quality of air freighted flowers.

Our Farms are certified with Fairtrade, MPS ‘ABC’, ETI, GLOBAL G.A.P GRASP and Walmart Security certification.

We offer a wide range of varieties and colours:

  • Roses – white, orange, red, yellow, pink, cerise, purple, bi-pink, bi-yellow and bi-orange
  • Summer flowers – Chrysanthemum, Solidago, Lepidium, Alstroemeria, Gerbera and Hypericum
  • Fillers – Gypsophila and Silver Dollar
  • Mixed Bouquets