Out Grower Farming

We owe our incredible success to our locally contracted farmers. We support them by providing them with farm inputs such as certified seeds, government approved and environmentally friendly chemicals, technical expertise and financial support. Our farmers are managed by a dedicated team of highly trained professionals who have vast experience dealing with growing and farming activities.

We have a robust out-grower farming system driving our farming activities upwards with a high level of technical consciousness, which guarantees consistent quality and food safety.

Our contract farmers are dedicated to delivering high-quality produce in conformity to the requirement of the international standards and are socially compliant.

The farms are well diversified in different ecological zones to guarantee year-round supply making us the supplier of choice.

Solar-powered cold storage facilities are also provided to farmers in some areas to ensure effective cool chain management.

Our farmers employ over 8000 people through their activities achieving an average ratio of 60% women and 40% men.