Who We Are

Welcome to Shalimar Fresh

We are an East African Growers Limited Group Company.

Our core business operations include growing, processing and exporting of flowers, vegetables and fruits. We also have an in-house logistics and freight division.

Our head office is situated in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Cargo Village while our farms and packhouses are in various geographical regions of Kenya, with good connectivity, making sure all our fresh produce is in prime condition during harvest, packing and shipping.

The group is operating under three arms:

  • Shalimar Flowers grows and exports flowers, fruits and vegetables across the globe.
  • East African Growers Fresh Produce grows and exports vegetables to the UK.
  • Maya Freight, is part of various networks, handles road, air and sea freight and logistics for the group as well as external customers.

Our Mission

Growing Value – we are growers and exporters of Kenya’s finest fruit, vegetables and flowers. We endeavour to consistently deliver the freshest and highest quality produce, constantly developing and adapting our processes to meet both technological advances and our ever-evolving market’s changing needs. Simultaneously, our processes remain ethical and sustainable, ensuring that we contribute positively to our communities and to the planet. We are incredibly proud that our products are purely African.

Seamlessly and efficiently evolved as fresh produce experts from growing to packing to shipping, offering effortless quality service through our team and in our produce, while remaining active and committed global citizens.

Our holistic service ensures we can grow, process and deliver value right from our farms to your doorstep.

Our Vision

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to be relentless in the pursuit of excellence, adhering to and surpassing both local and international standards to bring to the customer the highest quality fresh produce.

Our Values

Transparency and Authenticity

From seeds or seedlings to fully grown crops and flowers, to transportation and logistics, our processes are thorough with complete transparency and traceability. We aim to provide seamless logistical solutions, adhering to international standards while maintaining professional packaging and relevant documentation.


We care deeply about the processes to ensure the product is high-end quality, maintaining and creating ethical relationships.

Teamwork and Great Service

We offer our clients consistent quality produce and exceptional service through seamless teamwork and collaboration with our growers and partners. It is integral for us to grow sustainably and ethically, positively impacting the environment and community.

Our History

We, part of East African Growers Group, started off as fruit and vegetable exporters in 1966, the group has grown exponentially into one of Kenya’s leading horticultural experts. We have over 55 years of expertise in growing, processing and exporting horticultural produce to more than 40 countries across the globe, in line with local and international market requirements.

East African Growers Limited, the parent company, was founded and registered in 1966 by the Mahajan Family. Their beginning was through the export of fresh fruits and vegetables into Europe and the Middle East. In 1998, the company then diversified into flowers after acquiring Wilham (K) Limited and Shalimar Flowers (K) Limited, followed by Mahee Farm in 2005 and Mwanzi Farm in 2009. The company’s portfolio continues expanding as new farms are acquired and multiplication of all its divisions is conducted with the prospect of providing clients with further value-added goods from our existing line.