Our Team & Careers

Our team has grown to over 3,500 full-time employees and 1,000 outsourced across the group of companies and our aim is to ensure company cohesion internally and collectively with the world.

We employ professionals from various fields to manage the different sectors of the business. Our team shares a passion and dedication towards international trade and have created an interconnected and dynamic learning environment for each other. Our drive to create a performance culture is showcased by the people we work with. They are highly motivated to learn, grow, share information, and usually end up surpassing expectations.

Focusing on growth through strategy, our business objectives are fulfilled through our people. They execute our plans successfully – with imagination, promptness, and flexibility. These key qualities are what allow us to flourish, especially considering the high volatility of the industry we are in.

If you would like further information about careers, please email us now on info@eaga.co.ke